Success Story: Ms. Alice J.

Ms. Alice Jones admitted to Woodridge Health & Rehabilitation at Grapevine following a hospitalization where she suffered from a hypertensive emergency, specifically complaining of left sided pain in her body. It was determined that high blood pressure was a major contribution and was referred to therapy to monitor her vitals during activities as well as regain some of her strength, which she lost during her hospital stay.

We designed a specific therapy program to address her deficits, which included decreased dynamic balance, endurance and ability to perform higher level ADLs that were required to return home. During the beginning of her stay, she needed minimal assistance from the staff for bathing and dressing. After just two short weeks, she was able to not only meet but also exceed her long-term goals with therapy. Her therapist, Kenny Davis, made sure to challenge the former competitive gymnast, with outings to our community garden as well as fall recovery training to improve her balance and stability. Ms. Alice was used to demands of increased exertion, as she nearly qualified for the U.S. National Gymnastics Team for the Olympics. She admitted that therapy sessions, even the treadmill and obstacles courses she participated in here, proved to be of great challenge.

Ms. Alice said, “Everyone was patient, professional and caring,” while thanking the staff at Woodridge for their care and concern for her well-being. Ms. Alice discharged home with her daughter, ambulating and performing home management tasks at an independent level. We thank you Ms. Alice for allowing us to help you with your transition home and wish you continued success!

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