Success Story: Mr. Mack I.

Mr. Mack I. was admitted to Woodridge Nursing and Rehabilitation at Grapevine after a hospitalization for dehydration, hyponatremia and an urinary tract infection. A specific rehabilitation program was designed for him to improve his functional abilities in order for him to return home with his family.

Upon his start of therapy, Mr. I. needed minimal assistance with ADLs and ambulation, and presented as a high fall risk due to decreased balance. He wanted to be able to take care of himself at home, just as he was doing so before he went into the hospital, so the therapy team incorporated not only home management skills but also higher level daily activity goals. This included fall recovery training and mild meal preparation, as well as simulations of home organization and safety awareness within the home environment.

After a short five weeks with the therapy team, Mr. I. was able to improve his balance, strength, and safety awareness to a modified independent level in order to return home with his family. He even exceeded most of his long term goals that were set for him, improving his overall safety and quality of life. We thank you Mr. I. for allowing us to serve you with your rehabilitative needs.

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