Resident of the Month

We have chosen Jo S. as our resident of the month because of the great compassion she shows to her fellow residents. Upon admission Jo was adamant that she would not enjoy her stay at Woodridge and didn’t leave her room much. It wasn’t until staff found the perfect roommate that things began to turn around. Jo quickly created a bond with her roommate, Madeline, and began a beautiful friendship that they both say is the best part of being at Woodridge. They both began to leave their room, attending activities daily together and also visiting with other residents throughout the day. Jo doesn’t just visit with other residents though, she comforts them when they seem distressed or lonely, and she encourages residents who stay in their room to come out to join in on activities. She says “I feel that I would want someone to come and talk to me if I felt alone or left out, that’s why I do what I do.” Jo is a little piece of sunshine, warming the hearts of residents and staff, we are truly lucky to have her as part of our family.

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