Letter from the Administrator

Hello Woodridge family,

This time of year is traditionally a time of great joy and happiness as family and friends come together to celebrate the holidays. It’s important for us here at Woodridge that our residents are a part of that tradition. The reality is, many elderly can feel an increase in isolation and unhappiness as family members and friends get busy with their own lives during the season and don’t always have the time to make visits to their loved ones in nursing homes. It’s very easy to get caught up in all the food, gifts, decorations and parties but we ask everyone to remember what the holiday season is truly about: spending time with those you love. We implore you to do what you can to help your loved ones feel involved and get them into the holiday spirit. A phone call, a holiday card, or best of all, a personal visit, can mean the world to one of our residents and cost you nothing but a moment of your time.

Thank you and Happy Holidays,

Dianne Dower, Interim Administrator

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