Letter from the Administrator

Hello Woodridge family,

We know how important your visits are to our residents! With flu season upon us, we want to take a moment to share remind you of ways you can help. You can protect your loved one from flu and pneumonia by making sure that you are immunized each year. An influenza vaccination will protect you from getting flu and will prevent you from passing this serious illness to our most vulnerable residents. Getting immunized against influenza demonstrates your commitment to preserving the health of your loved one.

We ask your support in our efforts by postponing your visit if you are exhibiting any symptoms of a cold or the Flu. When you do enter our facility, you will see that we have set up a Protection Station conveniently located near our front door. Please stop by and pick up a mask if you have any concerns about exposing others or being exposed to germs. Many of our residents are frail and are at risk for severe complications from any cold or illness.

Ask your employer, health plan, family physician, or pharmacist about getting a flu shot. It’s the right thing to do!


Asia Howard,Administrator

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