Featured Resident: Rodolf

Rodolf C. is from Corpus Christi, Tx but has lived all throughout the USA. He was a drill sergeant stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana. In his younger days he used to work as a carpenter but was good at many things. He loves to cook, socialize and help others. Rodolf says “Helping people is my thing, that’s what I was born to do!” He has enjoyed serving others his entire life. When he was younger he use to cut the yards of the elderly for free. He has 2 daughters that he loves very much. Rodolf enjoys being at Woodridge because there are a lot of good people here and he really loves them. Rodolf expressed that when he first arrived he was having a hard time with accepting the new environment, transitioning was hard but he decided to give it a chance and he is very happy he did. “Woodridge is my home and I love it here!” he expressed “We are one big happy family.”

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